Japan Osaka Ritz-Carlton

You may have read earlier that we had a painful stay in the Conrad in Osaka… 🙄 so much that we were wondering whether the Ritz-Carlton could reach a similar level of satisfaction!

They raised clearly my expectations when their General Manager contacted me to check how they could help us having a nice stay… of course I mentioned our anniversary but as I heard about the yearly fireworks 🎇 in Osaka was on that evening, I tried to get a luxury room with a view. Unfortunately all these rooms were already booked as it is a major local event and the Conrad confirmed their rooms were already booked for months already! Nevertheless the Ritz management committed to help us having a nice experience by giving hints and tips to attend the show.

When we arrived at the desk, the management was there to welcome us with all the necessary information the fireworks etc…

here are the pics from the hotel

Do you can see we were pampered! But we got also got a great surprise we shared with a Facebook Live.

I am not even talking about food quality… should I recommend the place? Yes… no doubt!

It is a different experience than the Conrad but both definitely worth it!

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