USA Houston Brenner’s Steakhouse

This was a business dinner and got invited in that place that I never visited before. It was a nice surprise as the company was great fun and atmosphere really relaxed.

The service was exceptional and as i did not drink alcohol at all, I asked for a mocktail and asked to get the same taste four times BUT each time it should be a different color and guess what… they did it 🙂

Now a bit more seriously, the food was nice, enjoyed it and kind of typical of what you would expect from a good restaurant in that area if it is a steakhouse…

Where i was a bit disappointed, it is the originality… it is really like The USA Houston Vic & Anthony’s which is one of my favorites in Houston. I wonder whether it is not the same owner…

All in all a good experience for a nice evening…

Lately we have been back and the quality is still at its stop as you can see here:

Really enjoyed our time and looking forward to another round!

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