Belgium Sprimont Huggy’s Bar

Had the opportunity to get their again but with Indian friends and as we were after something solid before going downtown… a good burger was an ideal meal! As usual it did the trick and we enjoy one hour of fellowship knowing that for the dinner we’d go to Belgium Sprimont Didier Galet – La maison des saveurs which will allow to re-update that one as well 😉

Not my first time in a Huggy’s Bar but first time in Sprimont’s Huggy’s Bar and this time with great friends with whom we love going out and eat fine food and as you can also see on the video the burgers here are quite high-end and tasty.

That evening was an important one to me as I realised that a friend was leaving my Rotary Club but in parallel we agreed that it should not hit our friendship and you will see in a coming post that we keep our word!

To come back to our purpose here i.e. Sprimont’s Huggy’s Bar their variety of starters and burgers is just amazing and you understand why that place is always full and you need to book your table in advance on their website… If you don’t, you will have to live with your frustration 🙂

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