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I have visited this place so many times and I just realized I have not really posted properly about it…

Here are the posts I made in TripAdvisor based on some other visits:


We were there with 14 people and did go for a set menu of 4 courses and dessert. The variety was good and the service good considered the number and the fact that there were other customers…
My little disappointment is more around the food itself that was not outstanding but average italian food! I would though highlight the pasta with truffle oil which is usually bad chemical type of oil but here it was light and tasty, well done.”


Long time ago

Have not been there for a year or so and nothing changed… Still nice place, average service and average quality food. Really nothing special there… Better places available in that city!”


So based on these i think I owe them a more balanced view… if you have a look at the short video you will see a typical meal for four we had and i must say I realized we had a good time and enjoyed the food and the flexibility as three of us did ask things not on the menu 😉 and they displayed the right behavior and paid attention.

The service was fit for purpose, on time, with a smile and the food was good. So what else would you wish from an average Italian ristorante 😉 I would then move the needle to Average ++ from now 😉

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