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First I heard about her was in French Top Chef even if I worked in London and living in Kent I did not know about this place (hotel yes but not specifically the restaurant). We had no specific reasons to go there beside the experience in itself.

And… what an experience!

You know I am used to those places but this one was really nice and relax… the evening was wonderful, the service was better than flawless, a real great skilled team. Everything was aligned even including a new foie gras dish! The menu is also simply a killer…

We started the evening with a cocktail in the Connaught waiting for the restaurant to open and we were already treated like special guests which is always a good start 😉

In terms of choosing what your menu will be all about, you play a small game on a  wooden board to let the team know what will be your 5 or 7 courses… by the way be aware that some are subject to extra costs e.g. lobster and Wagyu beef which is making sense.

We went for the 5 courses so we got foie gras, asparagus, lobster, hake, duck, lamb, cheese and desserts. I guess you check the little video showing all those dishes as it simply was exquisite…

The courses are delivered at the right pace and with professionalism but including sense of humor and with objective to make it a unique experience for the guests…

Important also to mention that we did not go for pairing wine but just a top Chablis for the whole meal… no regrets!

So you understand that even if it is not my first 2 Michelin stars restaurant but this one has been clearly special by the overall experience and concept. I really highly recommend the place… You cannot not love it… From pushing the door to leaving the hotel with a smile all is done for your pleasure and even if it comes with a price, it is money well spent!

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