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I was in Dublin to attend the #PMIEMEA19 congress and as I guess you realized I am a Hilton boy and so always try to book accordingly and Dublin had no reason to be any different… so I booked this specific one over the Garden Inn as my expectation was to get better quality services.

If you want to define disappointment, here you go, you have it!

Can you imagine an hotel which is running IT maintenance during the afternoon without letting the customers (and I am a Diamond status customer) know meaning WIFI was not available and so I was not able to work and get prepared for an important meeting.
The people at the desk were obviously also not aware as they try to help me and someone on the phone (after 1 hour) told me that such a maintenance was happening and could not share when WIFI would come back on line!
So yes a bit of frustration!

Another good one was my order to get a taxi to be paid by credit card to go to the conference and after waiting almost 1 hour and got 2 drivers who wanted to paid in cash only till a 3rd arrived and completed the mission!
So yes a bit of frustration!

As I am a Diamond customer, when I arrived on the Sunday I asked for an upgrade and the nice lady at the desk confirmed that it will be available from the Monday… when i checked out on the Wednesday, I was still waiting…
So yes a bit of frustration!

When I checked out on the Wednesday, I mentioned these stories when they asked me whether I had a nice stay and would come back and I explained my frustration… So they nicely accepted to give me an extra 10,000 points to compensate. I received the points for my stay and still no clue about the extra 10,000 points!
So yes a bit of frustration!

I can also talk about the below average pub food delivered in the room and in the “restaurant” but… that would be pushing!

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