USA Houston Texas de Brasil

I wanted to treat a colleague of mine for a personal service that made my young son happy 🙂 and I asked him to choose a place he likes and would make him happy! So he did book this restaurant and told me I would also like the experience here…

I must say I already had such experience back in Rio more than 10 years ago and it was indeed a great moment also with colleagues by the way… ok here I must say that the environment is not as exciting as Copa Cabana or Ipanema were but it is located in a nice area and as you can see in the video, it was a nice venue as well.

The concept is “eat all you eat” and it starts with a salad buffet with a vast variety of meat, vegetables, soup, etc… I would recommend to not go for too much food at that level because the main is using the same concept and with a good quality meat, poultry or prawns with high quality sides.

For the mains, the concept is simple… you have a simple card red on what side meaning don’t come now and a green one saying please fill my plate…
They will then serve nice sides and will keep coming with these long skewers of tasty meats and still as much as you can eat…

The experience is good and atmosphere nice with a fit for purpose service and all this for less than 70$/person… I would say that if you like that type of steakhouse, go for it but pace your appetite ;-).

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