Spain Girona Mas Tapiolas

We made the plan one year ago to go for a foodie trip in Catalonia with a couple of Rotarian friends… sure you have already seen them in my previous posts…

They booked this hotel which is on a golf course and looked great on their website but as usual, does this mean the quality is there??? Let’s start with a few pics of the hotel and its surroundings

As you can see, it is all looking good outside and also inside… the buildings are around 2 Km away from the highway hence no noise or related disturbance… really pleasant actually.

Now we can have a look at the rooms… and these are good news, no doubt:

So indeed the rooms are nice, spacious with private terrace and garden… and with a nice view… this means that two third of my requirements are well taken care off… but what about a decent breakfast?

Another one quick comment is that the aircon was suboptimal and basically was set on heater despite the nice weather and this made our nice room a bit too warm!

So yes then my 3 main criteria were well met and this hotel appeared to be a perfect spot for us to travel to the places we wanted to visit…

Nevertheless I need to also mention our first dinner that we had there on site… that will give us a more balanced view…

The food was ok but for 75 euros, you can expect better as you will see in a following post where for the same price the quality was higher but also an impeccable service. Service was clearly the pain point here… it felt like they were under a lot of stress but no clue why!

So as much as the hotel part was close to perfect, the restaurant is perfectible as the price is too high for what you get… my advice is cross the road and eat there! (Coming soon).

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