Spain Llagostera Els Tinars

So by now you should have read Spain Girona Mas Tapiolas and you will realise that the other side of the street i.e. Els Tinars a and indeed, we were so happy that we went twice…

The service was impeccable and the food quality was up to spec for a Michelin 1 star restaurant!

These are giving you an idea of the atmosphere you get there and it is really a nice place to spend your evening! Now get an idea of what you can get for 75 euros per person…

So now I guess the case is sold… such a menu at that price with such a service… it is a great deal… if you are around, do not hesitate it will be a great opportunity!

Even if the restaurant is kind of alongside a highway, when you get in, you simply enter another world and you can immerse in the experience!

I highly recommend.

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