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I know we are confined and so it gives me the opportunity to get back in time a bit as I also took one week off but looking at my pics I realised I totally forgot about this one!

I must say that I have been there multiple times already in the last 15 years and indeed always thought it is not worth of my time to talk about it… but thanks to confinement I can put a couple of paragraphs together to share my humble opinion about it.

Don’t get too excited by the pics though… there is a reason why I used gallery way of displaying them 🙄.
To be clear, it was not that good!
The best point for this restaurant is that it is in front of the office and Waterloo station!
Interestingly enough it is usually crowded but the food is below expectation and the service is not even pleasant but you feel like a tourist eating tasteless dishes.

So you have the picture, it may work if you have to go there because the weather is bad and you don’t want to get wet… else leave it on the side and for sure you will find better quality anywhere else by simply crossing the bridge!

Sure a good friend of mine will comment that I really should stop going to such place and expect Italian food and he is indeed right!

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