USA Houston Killeen’s STQ

Other couple of friends leading to another restaurant in Houston and I won’t complain about this at all! Look below.

I have to the thank friends for this experience as even if I opted for a jäger schnitzel (typical local dish 🙄) the New Orleans style shrimps were a real delight too…
I can tell you my friends had great steaks as well and all the starters were just top!
This is for sure a place where I would go back to, no doubt.
Also a quick nice word about the service… they made us have a great evening.
If you are around… don’t hesitate and enjoy your time there. It easily competes with Brenner’s or Perry’s or even Vic & Anthony, it amazed me!

On top o that it happens to be on the right side of Houston making it an easy place to go too but keep in mind that it also impetus from a budget perspective as well! So definitely a place where to go every day… unfortunately!

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