USA Houston Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille

Had the opportunity to visit them once again… we were a party of 3 and could enjoy the opportunity to check some other dishes…

We could enjoy a nice evening with great quality food, nice service and for sure nothing to complain about! This time no issues with my steak and all was up to standards so no hesitation if you are around…

We went there after our workshop first day and we had a nice evening including the food you can see below.

On the other hand, even if the service is ok and the place looks great, I have a couple of comments.

My benchmark being The USA Houston Vic & Anthony’s I must admit that the meat quality is a bit less but the worst was that they missed the cooking of my filet mignon… In such a place it is quite difficult to understand they miss a well done steak.

Nevertheless we had a great time and with nice company! Also benefiting of a private room helped as well.

All in all a nice place, convenient location and appropriate service.

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