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We were out with our usual friends for food weekends and you will see in my next post the nice place we went to!
In the meantime after dropping our bags we agreed that we could go for a light lunch as dinner would be a gastronomic experience!
So here we go to Durbuy and agreed that the Wagyu restaurant could be the right choice for a light bite as the name already says a lot.

We quickly realised that light bite would not work there… but a full meal will hit us faster than planned and so just by reading the menu!

I should have realised that even earlier when you enter the restaurant and you see this on your left

So this describes the kind of steakhouse where the atmosphere is relaxed but the quality is there (so is the price of course) but when you know that you are in one of the most touristic place in Belgium… it stands out!
Having said that, it may be time to share what we experienced

I agree with you… a light bite for 4 before a gastronomic dinner!
To be perfectly honest with you we walked 1 hour then had a nap before dinner! My coming post will give more details about where!

So yes go there when in Durbuy but book in advance… you won’t be disappointed even if the service was “so so” as they were starting operations but no doubt this is a clear future success!

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