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Another new place I recently visited by asking a colleague to get us to a place I have never been in before and he booked this restaurant I haven’t even heard of before! After so many years around here, I am still wondering how is that possible!

We were lucky as the weather was fantastic, we could enjoy the terrace till almost 12:30 AM and have pleasant conversation with the four of us. To achieve this, the atmosphere brought a lot to the table and the service was working accordingly… The next picture is not mine but from the restaurant’s website as it definitely sets the scene…

this provides the atmosphere we were in for the whole dinner and to complete this picture:

when you see the quality of the terrace and the charm coming from there, you feel really lucky… so I added a couple of pics from the inside.

But it is now time to go into the purpose of this post 😉 i.e. what about the food? Here is the menu… the concept is simple here it kind of tapas principle but not tapas food. This simply means pick dishes that are actually reasonably sized without having in your mind the usual starter/main/dessert constraint.

As you can immediately it is also reasonable from a price perspective and there is a true variety of fresh food dishes. You can find the latest menus and in English on their website.

Now here is the food pics’ fiesta and honestly we did not dislike any single dish from this list!

When you look at this, you may think it is a lot for four and i would say it is enough, it is perfectly sized and they take you as mentioned for more than five hours of good food and company, so much that you can’t see the time flying. So you understand that the quality was delivered, the ingredients were well prepared and cooked and all was simply how it should have been.

We had a nice experience in a great environment with lovely people, what else would you want?
Actually, one little thing, service could have been a little faster, I mean that between dishes it could be long but it is really to find an observation to mention. In 5+ hours we are used to have a full gastronomical experience with around eight courses but the conversation was so nice that we did not feel this area of improvement :-).

In short this one is a good opportunity and should be visited like we mentioned The Netherlands The Hague Oogst both have their specific assets but for sure you will see an update for both :-).

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