What is #AEC?

The non-profit organization was created in 1985 by Mr Boris Kalitventzeff, Dr Claire Hoyoux and Françoise Claisse , to which Marie-Rose Haas was added, with the essential aim of improving the daily life of children with cancer.
The announcement of cancer disrupts the organization of life within the family, mom or dad stops working to take care of the sick child. The brothers and sisters are somewhat neglected. Everything is turned upside down!
The action of the #AEC takes place mainly at the CHR de la Citadelle and the CHU de Liège.

A few words about our actions:

1. Improvement of hospital comfort:
– colored pencils
– installation of DVD players, Playstations, computers
– regular purchase of toys and craft materials
– fitting of a teenage room and kitchen area in the CHR
– ¼ time salary of an Esthetician (teenager € 6,500 / year)
– salary of an Educator (sterile unit and HDJ CHU) (44.00 € / year)
– various decoration in the services
– shows, Saint-Nicolas (this one is given to the sick child but also to siblings.)

2. Within the family:
– Purchase of Wigs (2.593 €)
– supplement of medical bills or other but always at the request of the social worker of the service.
– Vaccines not reimbursed (post bone marrow transplant)
– supplement of certain non-reimbursed treatments.
– systematic offer of family help (€ 12,106)
– Tympanic thermometer offered to each child.
– A stay at Disneyland Paris twice a year for the sick child and his family (because the disease greatly disturbs the brothers and sisters) (+ – € 26,000)
– A Thalasso day at the Thermal Baths of Chaudfontaine offered to parents.
– WEEK-END siblings (with psychologists, pediatrician and educator)
– Disney on Ice at National Forest for the little ones.
– in the event of the death of the child, we offer to cover the funeral costs.

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