#M4C – It will be Plan B: Tour of Belgium

As you all remember from a previous post, we were working on 2 different options… Both options were great opportunity to face a 1,000Km cycling challenge to support #AEC.
The #M4C team is getting prepared for both as you could previously read and will keep training to face this tough challenge.

Unfortunately the choice between Lund-Liege and Tour of Belgium had to be made due to external forces i.e. Covid-19. We will therefore have to opt for the Tour of Belgium…
Do not assume it will be an easy journey… it is still about 1,000 km in 4 days and Belgium is not always as flat as you can imagine.

Or in short a great trip across our beautiful country

I would like to thank the Belgian Embassy team in Sweden for their support and the follow-up as they have been really responsive and ready to help us for this endeavor but i had to apologize as unfortunately we’ll stay within our borders.

I also thank our major sponsor #TFSCRO to help us making that call and also working hard raising the money for #AEC and meeting with #M4C on a weekly basis to deliver this 4 days event. Their support is flawless and dedication optimal even if remote! We could not make this without their support.

Quick disclaimer though as we may slightly modify this itinerary in order to e.g. start from the #AEC project place and get some nice places to liaise with #TFSCRO on a daily basis.

Please share this post and also help us by donating even a small amount for the kids… thank you!

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