The #M4C Team

Might be time to group the team together so that you can have a nice overview.
Definitely no need to provide our CVs here as we all are visible in Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn.

What I wanted to highlight with this post is to better define also who is also doing what on this Tour of Belgium challenge to raise funds for #AEC supported by #TFSCRO.

This is a great team with dedicated folks heading all in the same direction i.e. supporting a great cause with a smile and with the heart at the right place.
It is a real pleasure to serve in this project!

Our five heroes are our spearhead in charge of the heavy lifting i.e. they are the ones who will cycle the 1,000 km and do all the efforts to achieve our goal.
We will be there on 16th May to deliver a cheque to the #AEC in virtual presence of the #TFSCRO CEO.
Support them as much as we do!

It is also key to mention Guy who not only will be supporting the team in situ 24/7 during the challenge but also worked the logistic for food, hotels and all needed material to make this a success.

Pierre is our physiotherapist and will pamper our 5 stars to enable this achievement… he is a cornerstone to reach the finish line successfully and in good shape as on the 17th all are back at work!

Then myself as servant leader in charge of external relationships, press, sponsoring and manages the project (feels like a work extension for a charitable cause).

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