Belgium Baudour D’Eugenie a Emilie

Belgium is renowned for its mastery of culinary arts, and we recently had the pleasure of experiencing this firsthand at a cozy restaurant with great atmosphere. We visited the restaurant with my wife, Isabelle, for Valentine’s Day and her birthday, and we were absolutely blown away by the menu.

The team

The meal started with Hops Strips and peeled home grey shrimps, Montoise cream, egg, mousseline sauce. The flavors of the hops strips and gray shrimps were perfectly balanced by the creamy mousseline sauce, and the dish was beautifully presented.

The Neither cooked nor raw langoustines, juice of the heads with buttered peated whiskey, oscietra caviar (20gr) was another standout dish. The langoustines were perfectly cooked, and the peated whiskey sauce added a smoky depth of flavor that we loved. The addition of the oscietra caviar brought a touch of luxury to the dish.

The Fresh melanosporum truffles with cream (20GR), leg, and turnip was another dish that truly showcased the mastery of Belgian cuisine. The rich, earthy flavors of the truffles were perfectly complemented by the cream, and the dish was beautifully presented.

For the main course, we enjoyed a piece of veal (Limousin), jus from a sliced roast, permaculture endive, stuffed with potatoes. The veal was cooked to perfection and the permaculture endive provided a refreshing and crisp contrast to the richness of the dish.

The cheese course featured Roquefort Carles and Beaufort from Chalet (18 months), accompanied by pear chutney and candied pineapple. The cheese was perfectly aged, and the pear chutney provided a delightful sweetness that paired perfectly with the richness of the cheese.

To finish off the meal, we were treated to a decadent Chocolate marquise Mille-feuilles. The layers of chocolate were perfectly balanced, and the dish was beautifully presented.

The Millefeuille

Overall, our experience at this cozy Belgian restaurant was truly unforgettable. The mastery of Belgian cuisine was evident in every dish, and the atmosphere was perfect for a romantic and special occasion. We highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for an amazing culinary experience in a cozy and welcoming environment.

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