Belgium Francorchamps Le Roannay

Le Roannay, located in the heart of the Ardennes in Francorchamps, is a gem of a restaurant that will leave you with unforgettable memories. The restaurant’s menu, curated by the talented chefs David Martin and Mathieu Vande Velde, is an exquisite blend of local and global flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

Chef David Martin is a highly acclaimed chef in Belgium who is well known for his exceptional culinary skills and his passion for French cuisine. He has trained in several Michelin-starred restaurants in France and has earned a reputation for his ability to create elegant and refined dishes that showcase the flavors of the ingredients. He is currently working alongside Chef Mathieu Vande Velde at Le Roannay, a restaurant located in Francorchamps, where they create a delightful menu that combines local and global flavors. Chef David Martin has also been a judge on the Belgian edition of MasterChef.

Chef Mathieu Vande Velde is a Belgian chef who is known for his inventive and creative approach to cooking. He has worked at some of the best culinary schools and restaurants in Belgium before opening Le Roannay, a restaurant located in Francorchamps, in 2010. Vande Velde draws inspiration from his travels and the local ingredients to create a menu that is both innovative and unique. He is known for his ability to create unique flavor combinations and textures that surprise and delight his customers.

The menu at Le Roannay is a delightful journey through flavors and textures. The hot-cold crab with coffee is a creative take on a classic dish, while the pork and bulot potatoes is a deliciously earthy and savory combination. The trout sujiko dill is a delightful fusion of Japanese and European flavors, while the John Dory nigiri sushi with peas is a playful take on the traditional sushi.

For meat lovers, the veal calf’s head with artichoke and oyster is a melt-in-your-mouth delicacy, while the cheese plate is a wonderful showcase of local artisanal cheeses. For dessert, the caramel Parisian flan with kohlrabi and green apple is a must-try, as is the strawberry hibiscus sorbet, which is both refreshing and satisfying.

The restaurant’s cozy and intimate atmosphere, combined with its impeccable service and exceptional wine list, make Le Roannay the perfect destination for a romantic dinner or a special occasion. It’s no wonder that the restaurant has earned a reputation as one of the finest dining establishments in the Ardennes.

In conclusion, Le Roannay is a restaurant that is not to be missed. The culinary talents of David Martin and Mathieu Vande Velde, combined with the restaurant’s warm and inviting ambiance, create a dining experience that is truly exceptional

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