Celebrating 35 Years of Loyalty and Adventure: A Journey with My Company


For many people, job-hopping has become the norm in today’s fast-paced business world. However, there are a fortunate few who embark on a unique odyssey within a single organization. In a world where job tenures seem to be shrinking, my 35-year journey with the same company has been an extraordinary and rewarding adventure.
This remarkable milestone has encompassed 12 diverse roles spanning Finance, Sales & Marketing, and IT, and has taken me to four different countries to live in and countless others for business purpose visits.
My journey has been enriched by hundreds of amazing colleagues, and it has been filled with joy, challenges, friendship, and support, even during the toughest of times.

Diverse Roles and Multinational Experiences

Over the past 35 years, my career within the company has been a rollercoaster ride of learning and growth. I’ve been privileged to explore various departments, working in Finance, Sales & Marketing, and IT. These roles have provided me with a multifaceted perspective on the company’s operations and have helped me develop a quasi holistic understanding of the business.

One of the most exciting aspects of my journey has been the opportunity to work and live in four different countries. Each of these countries offered unique cultural experiences, and living in diverse environments enriched my understanding of global markets and customer needs. This global perspective has been a significant asset in my professional journey.

Jet-Setting for Business

As part of my role, I’ve had the opportunity to travel extensively across North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. My travels were not just about tourism; they were integral to my job. These trips allowed me to meet clients, partners, and colleagues from around the world, gaining a deeper insight into the global marketplace.

Camaraderie and Support

A journey is not merely defined by places and roles but also by the people you meet along the way. I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of fantastic colleagues worldwide. These individuals have not just been colleagues but friends who have made every day at the office a joy. They provided support and encouragement during personal challenges, such as my battles with cancer and a stroke. The compassion and empathy shown by my coworkers during these difficult times were genuinely heartwarming.

Cultural Diversity and Inclusiveness

My company has embraced cultural diversity and inclusiveness as core values, and this has significantly shaped my experience. The multicultural environment within the company has broadened my horizons and fostered a deep appreciation for different perspectives and traditions. It’s heartening to see a workplace that values and respects diversity, making it a true global family.

Management, Implementations, and Opportunities

Throughout my journey, I’ve seen the company evolve in its management, strategies, and implementations. This adaptability to change has allowed me to explore new opportunities, take on leadership roles, and contribute to the growth and success of the organization. The company’s willingness to invest in its employees’ development has been instrumental in my professional growth.

Learning, Curiosity, and Fun

The 35 years of my journey have been a continuous learning experience. The company has encouraged curiosity and provided opportunities for further education and professional development. Learning never ends, and I’m grateful for the chance to expand my knowledge and skills.

As I reflect on these 35 years, I realize that it’s not just about the years spent but the love for the work that keeps me going. The company has been my constant companion through this incredible journey, and I look forward to many more years filled with challenges, learning, and fun. It’s not about counting the years; it’s about cherishing the moments and embracing the future with enthusiasm.

In conclusion, my 35-year journey with the same company has been an exceptional odyssey marked by personal and professional growth, cultural experiences, and unwavering support. I’m grateful for the incredible opportunities, friendships, and the chance to be part of a diverse and inclusive workplace. Cheers to the next adventure, as long as I still love it!

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