Chapter 16 Four weeks of travel

Week 07 2013: I thought getting rid of most of my immune suppressors would raise my energy level but I must admit that I feel slow! Sure this few stressless days will help recharging the batteries but it gets obvious that corticoids are really hard on the body and drain lots of energy. An extra stress just hit me… My young one just broke his leg and is likely to be repatriated! We just then shorten our gastronomic getaway in Alsace to welcome him back.
I must admit that I feel good to relax a week before another 3 weeks of business travels. I think that if I manage my body wisely, it could do! All I hope so far is that my cramps will not be too much of a handicap.
Had a check this Sunday and so far radiotherapy is not planned 🙂 hopefully for a long
while (keeping my fingers crossed). Gamma GT still high but decreasing slightly…

Week 08 2013: one of my best week so far… Been traveling and working a lot but I do feel good from a health perspective. I do not feel overly tired considering a 7 hours time difference. I think that I better manage myself and get the rest I need. This week in Houston was an eye opener in this overall journey. I also take into consideration that my energy level (despite recovering from my pneumonia) is higher as we decreased the immune-suppressors but at the end of the day… That’s the result that matters and right now, I feel good. So great to be back home to rest and see friends before moving one week in Amsterdam.

Week 09 2013: left our four inches of snow at home to foggy Amsterdam for five days. Again a nice week with energy level going up… But it made me also realise that my travel schedule may become heavier than foreseen but this is good news as it is for good reasons. From a health perspective, I would say that it is still stable but I fear the monthly consultation on March 5th as I still have radiotherapy as Damocles sword above my head if these Gamma GT restart to increase… .i must admit that this might hit me big time if I need to go back there. I really mean going back as last time I did this was before my transplant and it was not a funny exercise!
I am currently in a training day for Rotary Presidents Elect to prepare our year and it is good to also feel positive energy here…
So Monday will be key and hopefully I’ll relax this w-e and won’t think too much of the visit which is including a bleeding and aerosol I.e. tiring day ahead and Tuesday am gone to London for four days.

Week 10 2013: here we go, week starts with aerosol, bleeding and blood test, hiha! Mainly it starts with anxiety about gamma GT level. I was actually really excited to know where I stand as I feel better, energy level going up and overall less side-effects as I only kept cortisone as immune-suppressor. So first question I asked was answered with a smile as for the first time these gamma GT marker are going down 🙂 and just that made my day, my week and potentially my month!
I also asked the doctor whether he’d be ok to fill the renewal file for me to retain my disabled status but he laughed! That was also great news and also shows that I might be in the right direction even if it is not done yet! This is a long war and I know that but it is so gooooood to win a battle from time to time.
I hope that the rest of the week will remain on a high… Actually it did, i did book all my yearly tests:
– ophthalmologist
– bone density
– dermatologist
– breath and lung exercises
– bone marrow
Really feel glad to still be there to have tests 3 years after transplant

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