Chapter 17 Yearly check-up after transplant

Third times now I go into this yearly tests period. This gives me a 360 degrees profile of my health and hopefully will show that I am still heading in the right direction. I keep my fingers crossed.

Week 11 2013: am in NL this week enjoying snow… I also realise that even if my energy is going up I have to be cautious and do not overdo things and be realistic. I tend, as during the good old days, to fill all the gaps in my calendar but now I also need to keep time for myself and recharge the batteries… Easier said than done actually :-)! Am having so much interest in what I am currently building that I can’t refrain myself from getting enthusiastic and eager to deliver… The trick is to get more delivered and be as impactful as possible in a shorter period of time.
So another good week! Next one is working from home with tests at hospital… That will, no doubt, be tiring and stressful till I get the results I.e. April 5th.

Week 12 2013: great fun to wake up at six on a Monday morning to drive to the hospital. Aerosol, tick; bone density, tick and dermatology, tick as well… It is only 10:00 and I already feel I had a long day but no alarming results I am aware of. The next round is for Friday, hopefully it will be as simple as it was today! So blessed to have more energy and now that I have full WIFI in the whole hospital… Even my inbox is up to date :-).
The week went as planned and on the Friday, another two ticks, ophthalmologist confirmed that the level of humidity keeps increasing in both eyes and the respiratory exercises showed that I am still at the same level than last year! Really glad with these news… Now getting ready for one week in Houston but with a smile… Hopefully the overall results (to be received April 2nd) will remain positive I.e. still needs to see the Gamma GT going down.

Week 13 2013: am in Houston for a full week and I must say that despite the jet lag no issues so far… But of course no exaggeration of any kind… But managing my body helps me to have my energy level when I need it and be the ones I love and also for business. I keep my fingers crossed it will remain that way :-). I was so glad not to use a wheelchair this time in Houston International Airport. When I realised that the line for security was not long I made the call to walk and I made it! This gave me a good feeling, hope I’ll be able to do that again :-).
Now I sleep over the week-end to recover from my jet lag as I did not sleep much in the plane… Next week includes aerosol, bleeding, haematologist appointment and above all bone marrow test… Needless to say that the latter is no fun!

Week 14 2013: I know it is always the same but am still tired after a bleeding. I can’t prepare myself any better than a good night sleep but this time I also had to fast for my yearly “huge” blood test… Looking forward to getting a decent lunch back home! I hope the news will be good this afternoon…
Indeed the news were good… Gamma GT are still going down, cholesterol and triglycerides likewise. I can tell you that I was glad to hear that and the cherry on the cake is that I can now again drop the fortnightly aerosols and take a pill instead and at last but not least for the first time in 18 months, I can decrease the cortisone… This fantastic news even if it is a 20% decrease, it is going in the right direction and the doctor was positive.
The downside, the is always one, my sugar is too high and I have to adapt my diet accordingly to avoid diabetes (also coming from the cortisone) but this one should be manageable by myself… We’ll see in 4 weeks.
Just done my bone marrow test and had the opportunity to also do a test for my sugar level and by cutting added sugar and sodas… It appears that I am back to a normal level… So I can keep managing this and the next four weeks being typical, hopefully I’ll be able to sustain a reasonable sugar level.

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