Chapter 20 after the good news…

Life does not end with good news and hopefully I still have many weeks to come…
I am updating after one week as I could realise (once again) how quickly all can crumble and collapse.
Feeling great, having good news and in two days you go back in the room you were 42 months before… It only takes a little bug to bring back bad memories… It takes a lot of energy to tell yourself that you can make it again (and again…) even if it is not as bad as it was, I can’t refrain myself to think that life is fragile and there are still so many things to accomplish and achieve.
Thanks to all of you who supported me with a kind word whatever mean you used to reach me :-). Even if you think it is nothing, believe it helps and as a Rotarian friend tells us every week, “never forget to tell your loved ones that you love them” it sounds obvious but you realise the true meaning when you can’t say it anymore.

Week 19 2013: I had a great update to do early this week based on my latest tests. It is fantastic to get main monitoring with green lights as explained in Chapter 19 but guess what, it only took two days to get a cold (last one in the family to get it!), hopefully it won’t be too bad… I monitor my temperature closely and so far so good. My Sunday night was unfortunately awful, I had a dry cough and did not sleep much. In parallel my temperature started to raise up to 37.7. What had to happen, happened!

Week 20 2013: Monday morning, move to the ER as breathing was difficult and temperature was close to 38 permanently. Decision has been made to hospitalise me to run further tests (scan) and so they found that I had a nasty bronchitis/pneumonia. So here we go, some more antibiotics and potentially like in early January 7 days stuck with IVs etc…
Fortunately it is not as bad as last time and felt already better Tuesday and on Wednesday no fever anymore, good night sleep and infection factor decreasing. Those good news lead to releasing me with treatment to comply to but from home :-).
Interestingly enough, two other family members and our exchange students are also sick and so are wearing a mask at home to enable my recovery and also keep my young one safe. By the end of this week they should not be contagious anymore.

Let’s hope the next couple of weeks will be a non-event and that I’ll properly recover 🙂

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  1. Dear Serge,

    Just want to wish you all the best. Your strength is an example for all of us. Hope you will recover completely really soon.

    Veel sterkte,

    Jeffrey MIchels

  2. Dear Serge!

    I just want to wish you a speed and full recovery and no more worries ever!!! Keep smiling, I’m sure that you will feel better soon!


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