Chapter 21 are we back to normal?

I left you with basically the whole family being sick in Chapter 21 but fortunately none were contagious anymore and all was ok on that front! Luckily the following two weeks were a non-event beside three visits at the dentist to keep fighting the cortisone side-effects…

These two weeks allowed me to recover even under heavy antibiotics and get ready for my Houston trip end of this week. I did a week-trip to Chatillon sur Seine to visit our Rotary sister club and take the opportunity to go to the Alesia Museoparc and have great fellowship with our friends. This type of mini-trips are great as they are not too risky and allow me to get more confidence in my ability to get back to normal and helps me to get mobilised.

I am looking forward to being June third as I have my monthly appointment with my haematologist and I hope the test results will keep going in the right direction and we’ll decrease again me cortisone daily dosage. I keep having the hope that I’ll get back to a normalish life!

That’s it, I had my monthly check and cholesterol is going down, same for sugar level I.e. diabetes risk is decreasing… My Gamma GT level is still decreasing and finally my ferritin is also going down… Thanks to the bleeding for that. Bottom line, status quo for medics I.e. energy level still going up, teeth repaired and all ready to go to Houston I a few days!

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