Chapter 22 What a month!

This month of June has been fantastic!

I have been in Houston where I could realise that I am getting some autonomy back as I could walk more even in that heat and I was not out of breath! This was a first for almost a year!
June also proved that I could walk again on a golf course too, not ready yet to walk 18 holes but three yes and with a smile. That gives the feeling that you are getting your life back.

Last week I have been installed as president of the Rotary Club Esneux-Aywaille and was blessed to have two haematologists who are taking care of me and they told m that I may travel back East and that except raw meat and some sea food there is no restriction anymore I.e. back to normal.
Cherry on the cake going to my monthly appointment, they decreased my cortisone by half again for the coming two months with the perspective to then stop it by then.

Even if I know that I am still in the tunnel and the journey is still long, it is good to hear great news and makes me think that there could be a light at the end of that tunnel. So I feel confident I will enjoy our US trip and have some fun…

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  1. It’s always good to read your posts, especially one full of such positive energy and good news. Glad to hear the dietary restrictions are lifting, and that you’ve had a cherry on your cake.

    Congratulations on your presidency, and I look forward to reading your next instalment.

  2. Happy to read you are making fantastic progress. Best wishes and as always you are in our prayers.

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