Chapter 23 are we still on the same trend?

Before going any further, I would like to thank you all as we did hit the 17,000th visit this July. That gives me the opportunity to thank you for your support and kind words you send me on regular basis and it helps me greatly!

Since I did get the great news during my appointment in haematology, I must admit that I played golf and even walked few kilometres to check I can still do that and I can :-). On top of that I can still breath after the effort… Therefore I go and do another test at the hospital to check I do indeed improve my breathing.

I am currently in London and it was my first trip without having to wear a mask and it makes the journey much more comfortable in the station and in the train and for sure with such a heat outside. I must say that I feel good right now even if I tend not to say that being superstitious but hopefully it will be confirmed Monday during my next visit in hospital!
We are going to the US end of next week and I need to be at the top for the family… 20th anniversary of wedding! I thought so many times that I would not reach that milestone and here you go…all is planned and we all are ready to go for a great road trip in The US and Canada!

If all goes well, I’ll report about that trip and post pictures on my Facebook account where you can join me and also some tweets but again it is in sync with Facebook :-).
I must say it starts well with my visit to check my breathing and lung capacity, etc… And the results are improved versus the ones in March, it is great to get data confirming your feelings!

So here we go, the good news is that I am with the family in Boston I.e. all is ok from an haematology perspective but I need to lose 35 pounds no to improve my performances and also of course reduce my sugar to both reduce my diabetes risks and enable faster weight recovery.

I am thus now in The U.S. walking the whole day following my dear wife taking pictures and on diet! That should help me achieve LoL! All pics are available to public in Facebook… Next pit stop is September 3rd… I feel so blessed!!!

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