Chapter 24 is that really true?

I left you with me leaving for a 31 days road trip to celebrate my 20th anniversary of wedding in the US. Hope you could see the pics on Facebook (public access). You can search for my name ;-).

I must admit that I was a bit stressed to be away from my hospital for so long and on top of this having to lose weight and cut on sugar and all that in the US and Canada… I can call that a challenge.

At first I would like to confirm that travelling without having to wear a mask makes the experience much better and allows a much better sleep…

All went perfectly from hotels to rented car… We had great fun but my old demons stroke back in Chicago when I got a sore throat. At that moment I restarted to check my temperature every 2 hours for a few days and took a couple of pills but it stressed me a lot as I could see me back with a pneumonia and abroad! Fortunately temperature remained stable and pain left after three days… So I could restart enjoy the rest of the 5,300 km drive :-).

We came back two weeks ago now and really feel that my life is back… Work, family life, club service, all feels like I am back to normal (almost). Feeling is fantastic but nothing better than blood test and analysis and consult my haematologist.

So I had my monthly appointment and got the results:
– Sugar level back to normal
– Gamma GT still decreasing
– Iron level also still decreasing

So decision has been made to stop the cortisone and some related medics! On top of that from next year I’ll only go to the hospital on quarterly basis instead of monthly… Now I have to show that I can keep losing weight :-).

It is so great to get your feelings backed-up by facts and for sure when the feeling is to get your life back!!!!!!!!! Let’s hope it is sustainable and it keeps that way :-)…

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