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Here you go, we are in 2014 and glad the previous year is now past with all it’s hiccups and other funny moments like two visits of one week in hospital for broncho-pneumonia… Also still having to deal with daily doses of cortisone and a weight that peeked at 106 kilos with all the consequences like wheelchair in airports, impossibility to golf or even have simple family activities.
Do not get me wrong, that year also had its positive side as we had a great one month family trip in the US and also dropped the cortisone in September! By the way that had its negatives too… Never forget that corticoids are drugs and getting rid of it and out of your organism is a tiring challenge. So all in all a challenging year we had there but still full of hope and joy!

I must admit that the start of this year has been fantastic as I hear people telling that I look good and healthy (I lost 22 kilos) and it is amazing to see the change and how fast it went… Let’s be honest not only I do really appreciate these compliments but I also enjoy buying smaller size pairs of jeans and polo shirts :-). I now have my weight of 2005 I.e. before I did quit smoking so you can imagine how I may feel!

Now I have quarterly appointments with my haematologist and the blood test results were excellent and we keep removing pills of the list. I mainly end up now with what I used to take for blood pressure and cholesterol plus magnesium supplements… Really happy with this! Nevertheless they also realised that due to my 12 bleedings I may suffer from a lack of iron in my blood which is a funny situation knowing that bleedings wee necessary to bring iron rate down… But this is no big deal.

I am now starting the yearly cycle of chek-ups with ophthalmologist, dermatologist, breathing, bone resistance, bone marrow, etc… If all goes well next year should be the last one… Five years after transplant… Till then I hope I’ll have all my muscles back and will be 150% fit as I used to… I will keep you posted my friends hoping the trend will remain positive and thanks again for all your support.

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  1. Serge,

    Although I rarely comment on your blog I love reading it and I’m glad to hear it’s all going well.

    Sounds like you’re shrinking away though: I hope you’re body’s still got space for that wonderful vitality of yours.


  2. Great to read that the progress continues Serge.

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