Chapter 29 Fourth anniversary

First of all my apologies for the “bug” that made this chapter disappear and thanks to the friend who told me!

It is now four years that chapter 6 was my life… What an evolution since then… Of course we have the obvious body changes, weight, etc but we mainly have all the psychological ups and downs.

This gives me mainly the opportunity to thank you for reading my blog and supporting me in this journey. I would not have been so far without my friends, colleagues and family.

I am still recovering from having stopped the corticoids and it is painful at legs level mainly but I hope that will decrease over time… I’ll see what they will tell me mid-May when I do get my yearly tests results. Am still anxious to get the news even if I am positive I am always worried as I know there is a before and a after illness I.e. I am not really expecting a “back to normal” but on the contrary I keep building on this experience to simply get better.

On a side note, I am now starting a new job that should bring me new challenges and also of course meeting new faces and learning new things, I am really excited about this. I am sure that this will help me to further embed this change and look forward to the future!

I will next post mid-May to let you know the status 🙂

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