Chapter 35 How far am I in the Time Tunnel?

For the ones of my age may remember that TV show… I really feel like being back in September 2011 i.e. starting the whole cortisone trip again, being on that type of drugs is not minor… I start putting on weight again but on the other hand the energy level is high and allows me to go further and develop my projects. You can go back from chapter 9 if you want to see what may happen to me again. The most important in all that is that we should hope the outcome will be similar i.e. getting rid of the issue even if the journey will not be fun. Scleroderma is definitely not nice and is painful but the drugs help dealing with it despite the neutropenic diet and the weight and… and…

On the good side, as it gives energy, let’s work on new personal projects and so I made the decision to turn this blog into a book so that some people may get some insight or help, even hope. I am excited to start that process that I would like to deliver by the fifth anniversary of my transplant i.e. April first 2015 and also look at how I could use this to fund a local associations that helps folks in my case through my Rotary Club. I hope that this project will fly and find an audience.

Being open minded, if you have ideas, suggestions, hints, tips, … Please let me know as for me it will be a first attempt but am aiming for success to help those in needs. Keep me posted…

To come back on current state of affairs, eyes getting better, that is coming with the extra cortisone I take on daily basis. Scleroderma is now also attacking my forearms and in conjunction with my cramps due to cortisone it makes it sometimes really difficult that I can’t even write down anymore for a few minutes! Fortunately I go to my physiotherapist twice a week and she helps me getting my articulations active again. Not easy exercises but so helpful to get a bit more comfort and act normally.

There has been a little improvement with my forearms I guess as the nurse could find a vein easily for this test vs. 2 weeks ago as it took them 30 minutes and a special needle to get the blood test done… That was a nice feeling but we’ll see the overall result in the next paragraph!

Back from my monthly appointment and it is now confirmed that it has stabilised from a scleroderma perspective and we may think of a specific treatment to get this reversed. The good news is that from an haematology side all is ok except, what a surprise, my glycemic level… Of course since I am on corticoids, I am also back on more food trip but luckily I may now cut my cortisone intake by half! Hopefully I’ll get my weight back under control.

So here we go… Back on track and hope still high that this tunnel has an end but a positive one… We’ll be back in touch early 2015 when we have another check-up…
Do not hesitate to keep contacting me if you have questions, comments or simply want to share experience.

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