Chapter 34 The Groundhog Day!

Needed to sleep for almost 4 hours but that is it! I have it off my body, no implanted perfusion system anymore… The surgery went really well and this is one of the last evidence of my cancer that went away.
It seems like a small thing and it is actually but psychologically it is a huge step forward for me to know it is gone and that even if my body is changed for ever with scares and nets, we reached the best possible compromise after all that story!

Of course it is not that simple as I still suffer from dry eyes and heavy legs mainly but when I look a bit behind, it has been a journey so far and I feel I am on the right track! This is how I felt till September 29 th 2014… Bit of cramps and heavy legs!

Now comes my monthly visit at the hospital. It started on the right foot as I gave the old unused medics as I do not need them anymore. Then came the visit itself and my old fears kicked back,,, my legs did not improve whatsoever and my arms are now also impacted meaning that most of my articulations are hit… New concept, scleroderma, have a look to understand how fun this can be!
I chose this title for this chapter as I have to go back to immune suppressors meaning back to the good old neutropenic diet for minimum 9 months (if all goes well) and of course mask in planes and trains without even mentioning all the pills for side effects!

In short I am back in time using drugs like corticoids and the others already mentioned… So fun times ahead and hopefully healthier in 12 months! Herd to keep the moral high but let’s go through that one with a smile and beat that next step too! And by the way, I went back to the nurse and took half of my old drugs back as I need them again!

Next update in 1 month!

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