Chapter 38 Status before 5 years check!

All checks are planned for the 5 years overall check-up… If you remember I mentioned in Chapter 36 that some strange lymphocytes were visible in my blood tests since November 2014 but the latest tests are not showing these anymore! Would photopheresis help there??? Great question.

Just had today my 4th session of photopheresis and hard to say that I get used to that… I had to cancel my bone marrow test today to avoid adding trauma to trauma… Will do it next week. Forgot to mention last time that I have to wear superb orange glasses as I am now photosensitive and so the 24 hours following the transfusion! I definitely look like a rapper LOL!

On the good side we are decreasing cortisone and next step the immune-suppressors…. That should help to go back to normal but I must admit that the new procedure is not too too hard on me but the evening after transfusion, I need some rest and honestly, you avoid public places with those nice solar glasses!

From next week, I start the yearly check-up and I keep my fingers crossed and hope all will still be heading in the right direction… I hope so as I have a bunch of travels planned between now and June!

If we can meet while traveling guys, let me know… Check my Facebook!

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