Chapter 47 Looks like we are back on track!

Since last month, I must admit that I spent most of my time abroad and got all my week-ends really busy… You may have realised that on my Facebook…

Nevertheless, it is clear that the current treatment is fruitful, I keep feeling better and better and it helps me to remain on top of things on all fronts! On the other hand it also means that I know my body better respect it accordingly. It becomes for me more and more important to listen to my body and maintain that conversation to provide assurance that I stay within the lines and do not over burn my resources. Metaphor could the management of a marathon racer in a video game managing stamina vs. speed… This is what I continuously do!

Looks like I am quite good at it as the results of my latest visit to the doctors shows that it is all green from a blood perspective and my skin is status quo but I gained in comfort so all good! We will next month re-assess my status and decide on the frequency of the photopheresis. Highly likely we’ll keep the same pace for another 3 months in order to get back to normal.

I feel so blessed that I am again having plans and personal projects with the family. Couple of surprises coming our way till year end… Sure my wife and I will have fun as I owe her so much! I’ll share about all that in due time as I deeply think that it helps me going through the overall journey.

So I’ll keep you posted in 4 weeks i.e. after lots of miles of travels, meetings and treatments… I feel so privileged to have this monthly appointment with you all!

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