Dubai International Financial Centre Ritz-Carlton

Really great hotel, nice folks and services as you could expect but with a big plus!
Staff availability and level of service… I forgot my cuff-links and the desk manager gave me his for 4 days! I could have been gone with these but how could you when there is such a trust at stake.
Where would you get that?

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Clearly a great place to stay as you are in Dubai… By the way exceptional room service with a lot of diversity and fresh food. The executive lounge is also a beautiful place to use to relax sipping a drink and thinking ahead!

On the other hand I am a bit less enthusiastic about Dubai itself, I must admit I did not get the WOAW effect I was expecting. On the other hand they are also clearly building brand new buildings for the 2020 world exhibit but heat and dust are not really a great promotion for going there now…
I think I will have to go back there to re-assess this succinct statement in order to have a more balanced view and promised the you will have more food to look at :-).

I really recommend this hotel if you have the opportunity! Again thanks to the staff!

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