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Having my oldest son studying in Oxford, it gives us the opportunity to visit the city on regular basis so you may expect to see a number of posts about the Oxfordshire.

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This time I would like to highlight the High Tea we had with the family in The Randolph hotel in Oxford city center. We had a previous experience in terms of High Tea in Oxford but I won’t mention the place but clearly we had a great experience here.

This was for us a great way to close our day after a busy visit of Blenheim Palace which, no doubt, will be another post as there is also much to say about that one and their Orangery Restaurant that was another moment of excellence!

I will firstly talk about the service, nice, discrete, accurate, invisibly present and helpful. We had 2 young waiters in the room and no hiccups, all smooth and thanks for that. The folks are really relevant and in the style of the place. check their website The Randolph to have an idea of the style which is precisely what you would look for visiting Oxford!

Now we can talk also about the food… the slide show here above will describe what we enjoyed:

  • scones
  • Minestrone
  • Scottish smoke salmon
  • Steak
  • Short bread
  • Sandwiches
  • Amazing teas

All great quality and most importantly in a relaxing atmosphere and could enjoy cool family time. We will have this again many times for sure. A quick advice, book in advance as depending on the season it may be really busy!

Another last point to mention is the proximity to city center providing you all the flexibility you need to book&enjoy the place!

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