The UK Oxfordshire Blenheim Palace and The Orangery

First impression when you leave the road to enter the domain is: WOAW!!!

Beautiful palace, easy to visit… (you need to book 1 day!) One important point is that it is 100% ready for disabled people. We did follow a group to benefit from the guide as there is a lot of information to listen to.


I still have my doubts about the modern art mixed with such a monument but I won’t go down that path… my wife may read this :-). The ground floor is full timelines, pictures, uniforms, movies, rooms are even sometimes too full and when it gets busy it may become uncomfortable to focus on reading or looking at details. But if you organise yourself and accept to be patient you can get the information you need and also see everything.

Nevertheless i still wonder why they do not use more modern audio-guides in multiple languages so that you can swiftly follow and rest or dash at your own pace and get all the needed stories related to what you see. That would help also better explain the gardens, statues, etc… that would improve the experience.

The first floor is another type of experience, you move in different rooms in small groups so that you float in a story telling through centuries with the first maid of the palace and so till today. This animation is flawless, informational and fun to follow. One downside is that there might not be enough seats in some rooms…

The last part we visited: the gardens… you can see some pics and panoramas in the slideshow but you may seriously spend a day in the gardens and not even enter the palace. Unfortunately we had a little drizzle but not a showstopper! We spent a couple of hours enjoying the peaceful nature and appreciate the gardeners’ skills and architect’s creativity. Ideal activity to increase your appetite.

We had a great relaxing moment nicely splitting the visit of the palace… So now that you could have a look of what we did visit. It is time to look at what we ate; eat, duck, burger and nice desserts in The Orangery

We took the risk to eat in restaurant attached to a historical monument or a museum… I had some disappointments in such “restaurants” maybe I should say “Microwave cooking booths”.


Here nothing like that! the scenery is stunning, and being in The Blenheim Palace is a fantastic nest for this lovely place. They propose a decent variety of food and wine, the service is simple and stylish!

Best is to book in advance else you may have a bad surprise if they have groups… Let’s also set some expectations you go there because you visit Blenheim Palace, I would not drive 100 miles to go there but if you are around, well above average all restaurants embedded in museums.


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