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Casa Caroni is a restaurant where I go a few times a year as it is distant from where I usually stay but I always fancy paying them a visit as the food quality is really good and they never disappointed me!

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I was delighted by both service and food quality…
I did enjoy both my meal and the atmosphere and my colleagues also liked it…
Job well done and worth definitely the trip from the Hilton!

The only issue you can have is to find a parking spot in the area but it is such a little inconvenience when you think of what the experience will be! If you go you will go back, for sure!

I would on the other hand mention that, like in many restaurants nowadays, more lights would help… It is unbelievable that you need a smartphone to read the menu…

I can personally recommend:

  • Insalata mista
  • Vitello tonato
  • Pasta all’arrabiata
  • Pasta carbonara
  • Saltimbocca alla romana
  • Pesce del giorno
  • Zabaglione

Keep up the great work!


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