Belgium Harzé “Les Cours” catering in Harzé Castle

The Harzé Castle is a beautiful place in a small village just at the verge of the Belgian Ardennes. It has been refurbished a few years back and is now a well demanded spot for weddings, seminars etc… and we are also meeting there now with my Rotary Club Eneux-Aywaille on a weekly basis.

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As you can see here above, we do get a wide variety of food and of good quality. We only had one single issue and not under their control and the compensation was high quality too. Les Cours which is the mandatory caterer in the castle is worth the journey, is flexible and always tries to find the best solution for us.

For information they also have a standing restaurant in the castle served by the same kitchen with same quality, it is called La p’tite auberge… if you are in the region… go visit :-).  It is also possible to privatize the restaurant if the big castle rooms are booked for bigger events.

The piece of advice I can give if you go for events is seeking assurance that the caterer and the castle administration is well aligned so that nothing falls into the cracks… I would say this is a risk inherent to any event planning.

So let’s summarize, top landscape, top architecture, great food, a restaurant, beautiful and spacious meeting rooms and flexibility… what else would you want? Rooms to rent? Guess what they are also available so this is a perfect one-stop-shop!

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