Belgium Brugge Arthie’s

Ok now let’s talk about Arthie’s… pictures may talk by themselves… One of the rare times TripAdvisor misled me.

I won’t talk about the déco as it is really subjective and some liked and some didn’t, I clearly didn’t :-).

Having said that, as you can see, we went for:

  • Stoofvlees
  • Burger
  • Shrimp croquette
  • Cheese croquette
  • Vol au vent

These are Belgian classics and basics. I was disappointed that in a restaurant, I repeat well referenced by TripAdvisor, in the centre of one of the most touristic places in Bruges cannot master these.simple dishes.

The service has nothing to highlight… nice with a smile but that’s it, I would say minimal service and the place was not even full.

So from an experience perspective, I would simply say: I do not recommend and they won’t see me again… I expected to let a Brazilian girl and her american friend some decent local food and I ended up to take them somewhere else later on…

Really unnecessary to spend more time on this one!

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