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I stay 2 weeks a month 200 m away from Mazie and it took me 3 years to realize the existence of this place!

We had a table for 6 people and they proposed their surprise menu but also asked whether we have specific dietary requirements and indeed I explained neutropaenic diet.

They have been highly professional, the food quality was really great, fresh, tasty and original! We went for the surprise menu and we had different dishes to experience and all of them were high standards.

The service was also nice with some sense of humour and understanding and clear explanations of we were eating. Wine choices did also hit the target and the 6 of us were delighted by the evening.

Price was reasonable for this type of menu and atmosphere… If you go with matching wines you will be almost at the one Michelin star type of price. Worth it though!

I have now been there with four people, 8 people and fourteen people and I have never been disappointed!

A piece of advice, just go for the surprise, let it go and they will drive you through a really nice experience… The service is also to be highlighted as it is entirely part of the experience and no faux-pas detected so far in 3 years!

They demonstrate creativity and high quality food, it is astonishing!

Do not expect to spend a 30 minutes dinner, just enjoy and trust them for the wine as well, so far, no mistakes I could spot.

The only really little point to raise is that it can be sometimes a little bit noisy but it is really to balance the review.

I highly recommend!!!

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