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Nando’s here you go a complex conversation… I have been for the first time in 2006 to Nando’s and it was in Putrajaya in Malaysia then Kuala Lumpur then in some other places and I already observed a large variety in terms of quality and service.

Having a boy living in Oxford, I usually have no choice and need to go there and same when we meet in London… you can read 2 quotes here from my TripAdvisor feedback, so you can clearly see that even in the same country the spectrum is large!

“My boy keeps going there on regular basis and to be honest I do the same when traveling too. No problems there cool food good taste and decent service. Of course nothing gastro but simply to the point and doing the job!”

“just back from there and words coming to my mind: average noise long queue nothing special minimum service not cheap basic place for basic lunch with bad quality/price ratio!”

Simple recommendation, check TripAdvisor before pushing the door of that franchise as you may end up with a disappointing experience!

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