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Had the great opportunity to go to the PMI Congress in 2016 in Barcelona and so could bring my wife as she was enjoying some holidays.

It was not our first time in Barcelona but we made the call to re-visit a lot of our best places as you can see below… of course restaurants but also La Casa Batllo, Park GüellPasseig de GràciaParc de MontjuïcLas Ramblas, of course The Sagrada Familia and much much more…

The trips

Hilton Barcelona and Mosaic restaurant

I was in Barcelona for personal and business trip and we had a really nice surprise staying in Hilton Barcelona. Service at its top and nice executive lounge despite the fact you are not allowed to bring drinks to your room. We really enjoyed the 1 week stay and the food at the restaurant was also high quality… For sure…

Being resident in the Hilton for 1 week and being diamond customer, I am quite used to restaurant hosted in these hotels! Really good surprise, nice service and great quality food! Do not hesitate!



I was sure to have fallen in a typical tourist trap but Trip Advisor was kind of highly rating this place we decided to try and yup we had a great pizza which was unexpected! So thanks to all the colleagues who rate the place!

La Cuina d’en Garriga

Again we did make a move without booking and this time we ended up on the terrace outside… Anyway must admit we had great food, high quality and nice service! Price for sure reasonable and go for the Iberic secrets… Do book in advance, worth the move!

Pepito Restaurante

Took the risk to push the door but without booking! We have been fortunate twice! They had a table for two but the food was delicious and the service top notch! The deco simply makes you feel good and all the little details are just at the right place and all that at a reasonable price! Please visit’


The sightseeing

This is the classic walk to do… Walk stop drink walk stop eat Columbus port U turn and walk back through gothic quarter. Las Ramblas is even more a must tan the Passeig de Gràcia! Had a nice walk there for a couple of hours and had dinner. It is of course a quarter to visit and we did so coming back up from the port but nothing to die for I am afraid…

Park Güell: No doubt it is worth visiting! Be careful and book in advance on Internet else you may be highly disappointed and hear at 10AM that the next opportunity is at 7PM… Anyway definitely worth the 7€ but be careful, it is a long walk from the metro Esseps and all uphill so take this into account. Think of a taxi…

Gaudi is for sure crazy but bringing dementia for such a genius to that level, it challenges all reasoning. It is just too everything, you cannot really qualify this piece. You have to see this! The Sagrada Familia

If you like architecture, Gaudi, curbs and beauty… This is a must visit! La Casa Batllo
It feels like being in a living beast…
It is futuristic and still 1 century old.
It is full of ideas and innovations… Living in there was for sure a privilege!
A tip… Book in advance to avoid long lines as it is really popular and in the local Champs Elysee!

The PMI Congress

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