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This blog post needs a refresh based on the weekend we just spent with friends for my wife’s b’day and Valentine’s day! We decided that it would be great to get friends with us to enjoy even more the experience which is consistently of high quality.

This visit did not differ from the previous ones… enjoy the pics and you will understand what I mean:

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If you think we only went for the dinner, guess what, you are wrong! we also enjoyed a great breakfast even if the fresh fruits in mosaic are not there anymore, we could enjoy high quality products:

As we really enjoyed the breakfast then we agreed to be together for a quick lunch as well before moving on and head back home:

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This was a perfect weekend even if the weather was not up to par but so many thanks to the personnel of the restaurant for these great moments… let’s meet again in May!

That becomes a yearly tradition to stop by in Torgny when we travel back from Champagne where we go and refresh our stock from Didier Ducos, always to get a nice lunch mid-way :-). So I updated the pictures with brand new ones…

Fantastic experience at La Grappe d’Or!
Not one dish below expected high standards!
Great service with class and knowledge…
Nice atmosphere, beautiful deco in a superb location!
Impossible not to enjoy the place and the quality and creativity in your plates and glasses… Wines were original and did fit the dishes perfectly!

I highly recommend and stay in the B&B to end with fantastic breakfast!

Now we also tried the lunch and woaw, starters, rabbit, lamb, bream and a milk rice to die for! I will also mention the wine quality matching perfectly the dishes and a service that is still at its top…
We could also enjoy the garden for us to get the various starters and some champagne under a beautiful sun and the calm of the country side.

(apologies for the bad quality of the first pictures… please enjoy their website and I also edited the collage as we were there again really recently)


It was all coming from the wish to go to a Michelin starred restaurant for my wife’s birthday and as you could also read in Belgium De Panne Hostellerie Le Fox or Belgium Profondeville L’Eau vive we really kept going and enjoy that type of ride!

I also suggest you spend time walking around the village (one of the most beautiful of Belgium) and enjoy fresh air and beautiful landscapes in superb region…

We made the decision to book soon a w-e with friends to enjoy again even more!


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