Norway A weekend end of 2015 for my 50th b’day

My wife made me a great surprise flying to Alesund for a w-e during the November 1st 2015 holidays… she took me to the Brosundet hotel as a surprise for my mid-century and we really enjoyed this place… We had the luxury to spend first night in the lighthouse and the second one in the room pictured here…. Rooms are great and spacious, breakfast is high standards and diverse. Service is nice and helpful and all that for a fair price!…

But this is not all, this hotel also hosts a great restaurant: Maki, a great place… Really fantastic experience… we were staying in the Brosundet hotel where the restaurant is and decided to try it out!
Really delicious (understatement) crab soup followed by great fish and a cheesecake to die for!
The price is reasonable, the quality of the food is exceptional and the service was above average!
The combo hotel plus restaurant makes it a perfect experience!

I can also highlight 2 other places where we did go but were not worth taking pics. Lyst, amazing… on Sunday evenings all is closed in Alesund except Lyst till 8PM…. Anyway i must admit that they have great about flexibility for me to get what I like and I thank them for that. On the other hand… looks like it is mainly cheap eats honestly! Then Anno, nice place to go to for a good pizza… nice variety, amicable service and price is ok… this is clean and neat… nothing that will you fall from your chair but good experience.

But during that weekend, we had the opportunity to go to Geiranger: that was really worth the trip from Alesund including taking a ferry and visit…. It is literally breathtaking…

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