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As you have read in multiple places, I do go regularly to Houston even if less than before… Nevertheless I wanted to share my experience there but not only with:

but also another bunch of places that might not hit my top list but worth mentioning in one way or another… and for most, no need to put pictures… just check the websites and rely on my comments 😉


going there for years when I worked in Pennzoil Tower…
Really enjoy the food, simple but straight to the point… Always tasty and efficient service… Exactly what you need for lunch and usually costs around $15 i.e. reasonable and great quality/price ratio!

Really enjoyed going back there… it is still consistant both in service and food quality… no glitch no bad surprise and at a reasonable price! You can go there blind! No risk whatsoever but book in advance..



Not my first time here but had much better experience… We were 4 people there for a business dinner and I booked there based on my previous experiences BUT… The food quality was below expectations… the service was poor and I must say that all my invitees scored the dinner really poorly! I think they won’t see me again there!…


Kris Bistro & Wine Lounge

A colleague of mine made the choice and woaw a really great surprise… Wine was perfect the service good standard and the food really above average… It definitely surprised me. On top of this we could also visit the culinary school and it was a good experience… Do not hesitate, go there!

Unfortunately, no remaining pics for this one but look at the website and enjoy!

Pappa’s Bar-B-Q

been there 4 or 5 times and standard BBQ type of place… Average quality and low price… About $15 per pax and no surprise…
May not say I am a fan but when I want to move from a quick sandwich or food truck, it does the trick! Job well done!

Still have my doubts about the grilling of the 1/2 chicken but rest was ok and nothing special to talk about! If you like BBQ type then you will find it ok, no more, no less…

Clearly no pics needed for this one…


A really good surprise and experience. i really enjoyed service, food and atmosphere/deco! Why do you add Pollo to Paglia e Fieno? Pasta is enough 🙂 wine was fine and the prosciuto as starter was a delight! I would strongly suggest though that you check the afogatto recipe as liquor was missing…


It was a nice surprise… the salsa was great, fajitas like it should, bit salty and not dry and chicken was well grilled and tasty… Nothing exceptional but really enjoyed it! Price is also reasonable!

Becks Prime

To me that one is a “must” when downtown Houston to get a good burger with all that goes with it… To me authentic and delicious… will not miss it and never got disapointed in the last 10 years


Enjoyed my evening at Damian’s yesterday with a colleague. We both had different dishes and from starter to dessert, it was perfect! Food quality was there… For both specials and standard dishes! Wine was appropriate and service personable and to the point… It was a real delight and would recommend you to try!


a colleague took me there after a 11+ hours trip and I have been pleasantly surprised by the lounge kind of set-up and food quality they do offer…
Some crab cakes then a delicious soup followed by Tuscany pasta and bread pudding to close it was really great!
My colleagues also enjoyed their choices and the service was cool and up to standards!
The only caveat… Why do we need to be almost in the dark???


A good friend of mine wanted to meet me there… the fellowship was great but the food… not sure they will see me again there… honestly, heavy not really tasty and service far from being exciting…


Interesting place… food was ok, fellowship great and service was ok… not really the best Italian in town but this old place carries a charm but is that really enough?… and by the way, yes there is a tree in the restaurant going through the roof 🙂


Brenners on The Bayou

One of my former bosses invited me there as it indeed meets my criteria and it was my first time… I really appreciated the food and the service was great. The place itself is beautiful, garden, the house and the deco. The atmosphere is relax and we had a fantastic dinner. Yes it is a bit pricey but if you take the whole experience, it hits the mark.

Coppa Osteria

just had the opportunity to go there with friends in Rice village and had a good time visiting the place… really nice actually. The restaurant is cool, good quality food, served by a student but nicely done, price/quality ratio really good and loved my 2 hours there…



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