Italy Rome PMI EMEA Congress 2017 Day 2

Here we go for the 2nd day of the congress… location is great, Rome! The venue is fantastic Rome Cavalieri. This year, I will work on a daily summary and some deep dives later in the year… If you did not check Italy Rome PMI EMEA Congress 2017 Day 1 yet, go for it 😉

The Networking

Today was really a WOAW day in terms of networking… met so many people and the Twitter competition was a fantastic tool to meet even more people and share even more… this looked like being exponential! The location and the the way the sessions have been planned really helps this and I think even more will come tomorrow…

So much fun!!!

Product Theatre: Learn about The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Award for Innovation in Project Management, 3 categories 6 Awards with Prizes Pool of US$550,000 defined this session as: The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Award for Innovation in Project Management provides a platform to discover, encourage, and promote innovation in project management, and the adoption of best practices and excellence in the field. The award targets the international community of project management professionals and specialists involved in the management of projects, programmes, or portfolios where they can participate as individuals, teams, or organisations. Award prizes are up to US$550,000.

The purpose was simply to explain what is in scope and how to apply and by when… not sure about the added value here as I am not sure why most of the companies would disclose IP for little bucks…

When the public sector goes Agile defined this session as: Take part in the adventurous implementation of agile techniques in the public sector! Learn what it takes to leave your certainties behind and embrace a more agile mind-set, with helpful insights of the changing role of the project manager in the agile world and the use of agile in fixed-price contracts. After all…if a public company has done it, you can do it too!

Fortunately the main goals were simple:

  • the main challenges of transitioning from a ”plan driven” approach of delivering projects to an agile one
  • some helpful tips in adopting agile in the public sector

I must say that as the goals were not that ambitious, they have been met… The main point here was really the interactions with the audience, it was really open and interesting. The main point we discussed was the skills needed by Product Owner (proxy or not) and SCRUM Master… While the speaker used PMP certified PMs including for 3rd parties, we thought that a SCRUM Master should not be a PMP PM… the main thing actually was that there was not real clear cut in terms of competences for all the roles.

Nevertheless the overall story was really interesting about the journey they have been though and so successfully, really appreciated the lessons learned and the openness…

Can Portfolio Management Strategy really stop my headaches? defined this session as: In the last years, project management shifted from being a differentiator to a minimum requirement in project-driven companies or departments; however, upper management continues to seek a holistic and unified view of the business. Take steps towards having a portfolio perspective in today’s complex workplace that includes global projects being implemented with multicultural blended teams from around the world by learning about the “complete chain”—from idea generation to benefits measurement.

We were supposed to learn 2 main things:

  • how to implement a Global Portfolio Framework by sharing the integrative approach applied and how challenges were mastered
  • how to differentiate best practices from challenges faced while designing and rolling out a global portfolio strategy in 5 continents.

Beside the fact that I am biased as Alexandre is a friend, I must say that his end-to-end view to implement not only a PM practice but a Global Portfolio Framework has been really well explained.
His sense of humour and the deep knowledge he displays keeps us focused on the overall story and helps us better understanding the thought process. Nothing too heavy from a theory perspective i.e. no repetition from the other sessions which is always a plus and we can feel it is real experience that is being shared.

The transformation depicted in the session was detailed step by step including practical recommendation e.g. face-to-face workshop to cristallise the inventory of current artefacts. Same for the explanation about the maturity model and the journey.

Job well done! Looking forward to listening to the next one!!!

Vodafone Shared Services Romania Product Theatre Presentation: Passion for P.A.N.C.A.K.E.S. defined this session as: We find ourselves in global organisations with project teams all around the world, being part of different cultures, having different lifestyles, time zones. Naturally, we tend to choose technology driven remote communication over person-to-person interaction.  But is there more to this? Let’s taste those flavours that could transform communication into meaningful interaction. P.A.N.C.A.K.E.S.: People, Action, Negotiation, Communication, Adaptability, Knowledge, Empathy and Structure.

Ok, here I will need to weight my words but I am still wondering what the message was… Interesting knowing that it was all about communication!
Having multiple speakers like this requires lots of rehearsing to make sure it is fluid… we were far away from that… It sounded like it was all about a project implementing only one number for customer but… still wondering…

PMI’s Agile Future defined this session as: Work is changing from more industrial, routine work to more knowledge-oriented work that requires more of an ongoing collaborative endeavour to manage change, complexity and uncertainty. Learn how the full project management body of knowledge is evolving to reflect these changes. Understand the implications of these changes for current and future project practitioners.

Mike did a great job in putting everything back into context first so that we have a fair overview about where we are coming from and also basically that Agile has always been there in whatever shape or form…

There were four objectives linked to this session:

  • how the nature of work is changing and its implications for roles, skills and capabilities
  • how the “what” and “why” of project roles remain the same while the “when,” “how” and “with whom” change
  • insights into tomorrow’s project environments to understand how to ensure you keep your skills and capabilities on the leading edge
  • about the application “sweet spots” for agile and how to utilise agile outside of the “sweet spots.”

His presentation covered nicely during the story telling the change of in terms of work from farming to manufacturing and knowledge based… this was the base to pinpoint methodologies linked to the type of working environment and related changes. We ended up with how PMI’s takes Agile into account including documentation and publications.

In short it was a valuable moment with good information and data we can use back in the working place! Thanks Mike.

Billion Dollar Agile: Applying Scrum Values and Principles Across Industries defined this session as: Many of the problems experienced in the software industry are similar in other industries. This session will illustrate how to apply solutions from the software industry based in scrum, including roles, artefacts, and events, to your own industry. It will also discuss the role culture and leadership play, and how scrum application can positively impact cost and scheduling. Finally, the session will help attendees avoid common pitfalls encountered when applying scrum in a project environment and will provide them with tools and the vocabulary necessary to speak about, plan and execute projects in a new way.

This one was what I needed… so glad I was in the room this afternoon! It was simply spot on in terms of what I was looking for… thanks Simon for the bright presentation.

There were two main objectives to fulfill today:

  • to implement a scrum framework outside of the software industry, with a focus on cohesive teams, culture and leadership, and realising improvements in cost and schedule
  • how to leverage tools and vocabulary necessary to speak about, plan, and execute projects, regardless of the project.

Some may object that you generated waste by over delivering but I take it… and I am not easy to satisfy in these types of events. You inspired me during the session and I have now a clear idea on how I can differentiate my programme and go for more efficiency moving to SCRUM of SCRUMS…

Fantastic presentation and many thanks!

And the food of course

Not much to say here… really good, diverse and service excellent! I will spend more time on this on a later post about the Rome Cavalieri.

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