The Netherlands Scheveningen Phuket restaurant

Great opportunity to refresh this post with a couple of videos as I had the opportunity to visit the place a few more times and so still with pleasure. The first visit was a nice opportunity to go with our Taiwanese former exchange student who pad us a visit in The Hague and after a visit of Amsterdam we went the three of us to one of my favorite place in Scheveningen to enjoy a nice Asian lunch.

Guess what, we loved it and Skylar validated the quality 🙂 so as usual great all along!

Another great moment was the team meeting I had and again plenty of fresh and quality food, always served with a smile and all the different tastes ad textures were just a delight… look at the video to give you an idea about the variety of dishes you can expect in this restaurant and I am not even talking about the location and pleasure to sit there…

No questions asked… go for it!

We had a really nice working evening eating with a couple of colleagues in the Phuket restaurant which is located on the Scheveningen Harbour, really nice location… They offerred us to stay on the terrace where we could enjoy fresh air and a great view on the harbour itself. The inside of the restaurant is also nice and neat and the people are really welcoming and the service was flawless.

What about the food? Would you ask me! I must admit, as you know I also lived in Asia, I have been really pleasantly surprised… the flavors were there, the freshness of the ingredients, the quality of the cooking, the full package was delivered!

The price/quality ration is really reasonable a bit more than $40 pp for starter, main, dessert and coffee… plus the service, the view and a nice atmosphere… definitely not a rip-off! Sure they will see me again!

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