The Netherlands Scheveningen Catch by Simonis

If you remember I was next door 1 month ago at The Netherlands Scheveningen Phuket restaurant and I really enjoyed the place… This time I asked my wife to have a look and find a new restaurant for us to test dining together with our little Texan girl and she picked that one:

Place was full and we struggled to get a table but it was worth it. I only realized later that the place only opened in June 2017 but you can call this a success. You can see that whether you come for a party of 3 or 7 the quality is visible and the service to be highlighted!

Not a glitch and always a smile and a good advice. Obviously i love the place and have never been disappointed… and i am not always easy ;-)…

The menu is not too large allowing freshness and quality products, the atmosphere is nice, location on the Scheveningen harbor is perfect and they have a beautiful terrace as well! I must say we really enjoyed the experience and were surprised by the size of the dishes, fortunately we skipped the starter :-), not only it is delicious but you also get for your money in quality, taste and quantity!

So you understand why this place is a real success but check the price even if the price/quality is worth the detour visiting the place!


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