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Dear all,
as you may have realized if we are connected on Facebook, I created the SdB-Plus page as I am maxing out on a weekly basis in terms of friends and I do not want to clean the list anymore.
This will also allow you not being spammed by topics you are not interested in :-).

Based on this maintenance issue and the large amount of LinkedIn connections, I made the call to start differentiating somehow between:

I will now basically use Twitter mainly for re-tweets and connect with my new Facebook page where I will concentrate re-tweets, Rotary related posts and my Blog posts.
My Facebook account will mainly remain as it currently is i.e. more personal items and friendly relationships (will clean a bit further to allow new friends).
LinkedIn will be solely professional and also publish my Blog posts as I currently already do and so making sure no one feels being spammed.
My Blog will keep publishing my posts on my leukemia, food & fun and of course management… and of course at the bottom of its pages you can find my Twitter and the Facebook page of my Rotary Club!

So you can find me easily if you wish and so read me if interested 🙂 Thanks to all of you for following me 🙂

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