France Lyon Our lunches and visits

So you read we had fantastic experiences for our dinners while we were in Lyon when visiting France Lyon Le Sud – Baucuse followed by France Lyon Le Nord – Baucuse with a top gastronomic meal in France Lyon Jérémy Galvan Restaurant.

But as you can imagine we did do a bit more than just dinners in Lyon… as our hotel France Lyon Carlton was really in the middle of the city we had the opportunity to visit and get light lunches to avoid being to heavy for visits and be top shape for our dinners.

It started with a visit of the immediate surroundings and a stop at  a nice little restaurant in Old Lyon, a Mozzarella bar, Mozzato, and we enjoyed our time there…

Yes you read correctly, no bathroom available there… interesting concept but they had to optimize every single square meter as they do it all fresh there and so kitchen came obviously first… simple and efficient there no bluff no over the top but straight to the essential and food was nice.

For dessert, we followed the hint from France Lyon Carlton and so decided to go to the best ice-cream place in Lyon… Nardone, indeed a great quality product ideal when it is 38° outside :-)…

On the next day, the purpose was to further visit the city and go with a guide to better understand what we wanted to know about the city, its history and main milestones/landmarks.

This was really interesting and i do recommend that visit with an official guide from the Office of Tourism so that in a small group you get the information that will help you to get all you needed to go further discovering the city. A highlight is the visit of the traboules which is an architectural specific of Lyon to transport goods faster in the old city. Great experience and factual, historical demonstration of the highs and lows of a big city.

Following this visit, we had a quick lunch in Au petit glouton

to be clear, this is not worth a paragraph but did the job to be filled with a tasteless crêpe!

We did use our afternoon to visit a special museum about miniatures and movies props… funny enough, some of my favorites were there, the first 2 seasons of V, Babylon 5, Star Gate SG-1… really interesting place 🙂

That was it for our 2nd day walking in Lyon… Our third day was about visiting Fourvière but including the Basilica and the Amphitheater of the Three Gauls.

we really loved that moment up there and enjoyed a great view on the Rhone and the Soane. We then used the funicular to come down and enjoy a much better crêpe at the Café de la Ficelle.

Salads are tasty, the crêpes well filled and enjoyable… we followed these by some ice-creams 🙂 it was a nice way to close our visits and lunches to end our trip with France Lyon Jérémy Galvan Restaurant!

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